Frequently Asked Questions

House Call appointments provide a low stress environment for both you and your pet. The trip to and from the vet clinic can be particularly distressing for sick and older pets. Limiting travel related stresses, such as confinement, motion sickness & sudden changes in the environment, can improve your pet’s overall wellbeing and health. For clients, having your pet’s veterinarian come to the house can help with busy schedules and improves pet-parent relationships by limiting un-necessary stressors involved with transporting your pet to-and-from the vet. Furthermore, it enables the veterinarian to better assess the patient’s environment and betters their overall understanding of each individual pet’s needs. Having a veterinarian come to you also decreases travel, waiting time and risk for disease transmission.

Service areas include Richmond, Midlothian, Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield, and Goochland.  Dr. Hemsley will travel to locations further outside of the Richmond metro area, but additional costs will be incurred depending upon the distance.  Please call Dr. Hemsley to ask about the travel fees associated with your location.

Yes, the house call fee starts at $75 for homes in and around Richmond. Fees outside the normal radius can range from $85-$95 on average. We offer pet health discount packages & give back with our loyalty program!

New Client/Patient appointments require a $150 online deposit.

If your pet is experiencing an emergency or needs to be seen right away, please contact a 24/7 veterinary emergency center immediately.

  • Veterinary Referral & Critical Care
    • 804-784-8722
    • 1596 Hockett Road, Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103
  • Dogwood Veterinary Emergency Center
    • 804-716-4700
    • 5918 W Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230
  • Virginia Veterinary Center
    • 804-353-9000
    • 3312 West Cary Street, Richmond VA 23221


Your pet’s examination will include a total physical exam, with a thorough investigation of your pet’s head, body and tail, and all his assorted cavities. The duration of each appointment varies depending on the appointment type, diagnostics indicated and your pet’s specific needs. Dr. Hemsley thoroughly evaluates each of her patients. If your pet requires additional testing and/or treatments outside the abilities of a House Call practice, Dr. Hemsley will provide information on local veterinary facilities that are equipped to handle ongoing care. Additionally, your pet’s records will be promptly provided for you as well as emailed to the referral veterinary hospital.

There are several ways you can help to ensure your pet’s appointment runs smoothly:

  • House outdoor cats inside the night before their visit. This can be inside the garage or a small area of the house. Please provide comfortable bedding, litter box(es), fresh food and water.
    • Please confine your pet to a single room of your house ~2 hours prior to their scheduled appointment time.
  • If your pet has special handling needs, please let Dr. Hemsley know when you schedule your appointment
    • If your pet is very anxious or has a history of aggression, it is important you disclose this information prior to your pet’s appointment (at least 24 hours). This will allow for proper preparation and help to ensure a stress-free visit.
  • If possible, please have your pet’s medical history on hand. This enables Dr. Hemsley to provide the best quality care based on your pet’s history. Emailing your pet’s records to Dr. Hemsley prior to your examination is recommended.

Multiple Pet Discounts, Senior Citizen Discounts and Military Discounts are offered.

Your pet’s records can be accessed 24/7 through our Pet Desk App!

Payment is accepted via cash, check and all major credit cards.

Payment plans are accepted through Care Credit.

Payment is due at the time of services.

If you pet has Pet Insurance, we will work with your insurance provider to ensure they have information needed for your claim.