TeleAdvice Appointment

Schedule a one-on-one virtual visit directly with Dr. Hemsley to discuss your pet's quality of life.

Seeing with your beloved companion struggling because of age or illness is heartbreaking. Your pet may be having some good days and bad days. Understanding what they are experiencing and what to expect from certain conditions can be difficult. We are here to help guide you through this difficult time. A virtual visit (via Zoom) between you and Dr. Hemsley will provide you the opportunity to ask questions about your pet’s condition, objectively determine their quality of life, discuss previous diagnoses & testing. Dr. Hemsley will help guide you through developing a palliative care and/or end-of-life plan. 

*please note, due to state law, there are limitations to what Dr. Hemsley can provide. An in-home consultation may be recommended to better assist you and your pet. Dr. Hemsley cannot prescribe or re-new any medications without performing a physical exam.

End of Life Decisions