Virtual Visits

To be eligible for a virtual visit or telephone consultation, a pet must have a standing Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship with House Call Vet RVA, PLLC.

  • This means an animal must have had a physical exam performed by a House Call Vet RVA, PLLC doctor within the past year.
  • If your pet is new to our practice or is overdue for their annual visit (has not been seen within the past year), please visit our online appointment scheduler!
  • Please note, any medical emergency such as changes in or difficulty breathing, trauma, changes in alertness or altered mentation, seizures or other neurologic abnormalities, should NOT be scheduled for a virtual visit. Please contact your local 24/7 veterinary emergency center.
  • Virtual Visits are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday and are based on the veterinarian’s availability.

Examples of general virtual or telephone consultations include:

  • General medical concerns, questions and/or treatment plan questions
  • New puppy/kitten questions
  • Pet behavioral questions
  • Questions regarding medications, diet or supplements
  • Pet weight management and nutritional questions
  • Long term monitoring
  • Travel related questions
  • Parasites seen in the stool
Telehealth Appointments
Virtual Visits $60/30 minutes, prorated by 15 minutes

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