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Throughout this global pandemic, House Call Vet RVA has continued to provide an essential service for pets & pet parents requesting in-home veterinary care. In order to continue to do so, we have adopted the following policies and protocols.

  • As of 11/19/2020, ALL communication must be done through our WEBSITE. Please visit our commonly used forms page to fill out and submit the appropriate form.
  • If you are unsure of which form to choose, please visit our contact page to submit your request or question.
  • Appointment requests, questions, and all other communications will not be answered through email or phone calls.
  • However, requests submitted through the website will be answered in a timely manner. This is a CRITICAL and necessary change in order for us to continue to provide in-home veterinary care.

We understand this is a difficult time for everyone and appreciate your understanding,

Kaitlyn Hemsley, DVM
House Call Vet RVA, PLLC

House Call Vet RVA is an ambulatory facility and does not provide emergency veterinary care, nor is veterinary care offered outside of a scheduled appointment time.


There is no question too big or too small for us.


Everything You Need to Know About In-Home End-of-Life Care

At House Call Vet RVA, we get a ton of interesting questions from pet parents. Below are some common FAQs that might help answer any questions or concerns. Please feel free to call us at 804-382-3684 for any other concerns you might have about your pet.

How will I know when it is time?

You may be preparing for the future or you may know that it’s time to say good-bye to your beloved pet. It is important to remember that YOU know your pet the best. Trusted family, friends and your primary care veterinarian can help during such a difficult time. Additionally, we offer virtual Tele-advice Consultations to help guide you and your family through this difficult time.

How do I know if my pet is in pain?

Dogs and cats handle pain differently. There are resources below to help you determine if your pet is in pain. It is important to remember that pain and discomfort can vary with each individual pet depending on the disease they are dealing with and their individual personality.

How long in advance is needed for scheduling?

We recommend contacting House Call Vet RVA at least a few days in advance. This may not be possible, and we certainly understand. We do our best to accommodate appointment requests including: same day and urgent requests (<4 hours before desired appointment time).


I have decided, how do I go about scheduling?

We recommend submitting a request for a in home euthanasia appointment by clicking, HERE.

You are also welcome to call or text.

If our doctor is unable to answer your call at the time, please leave a detailed message including your name, pet’s name, home address and desired time/day for home euthanasia services.

How long will the visit last?
Home euthanasia appointments can last between 30-60 minutes.
How do I prepare for the appointment?

If possible, take some time thinking about:

1. who you want to be present when your pet passes. This may include family, friends and/or other pets.

2. What location will be most comfortable for your pet and those who will be present. This may be in their favorite spot in your home, outside under their favorite tree or another safe and comfortable place.

3. What items, if any, do you want nearby?

  • Candles
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Special toys
  • Blankets
Should other pets be present?

We encourage other pets to be part of your pet’s passing. It can be for the entire duration of the appointment or once your beloved pet has passed. If your pet is fearful or nervous around new people, please let us know prior to your scheduled appointment date/time. We are happy to help discuss options to allow fearful or nervous housemates the opportunity to say goodbye to their friend while minimizing their stress/fear of having a new person (our veterinarian) come into their home.

Can I feed my pet and give them their medications, if applicable, before their appointment?
Yes, please maintain your pet’s normal feeding and medication schedule on the date of your pet’s appointment. While our doctor brings tasty treats with her, we encourage you to spoil your faithful friend with their favorite treats before (and during) their appointment if desired.
Why does this service cost more?
Having a licensed veterinarian come to your home is very different from transporting your pet to a clinic. Our doctor spends between 2-3 hours, for each beloved pet. This includes making preparations, traveling to your home, helping your pet pass peacefully at home, transporting your pet after they have passed, coordinating aftercare services, notifying your pet’s primary care veterinarian, and personally writing sympathy cards.
What body care options are offered?

Private cremation – Individual cremation for your pet i.e., no other pets will be cremated with your pet. Your pet’s cremains, and only their cremation, will be returned to you within one of Agape’s standard urns at no additional cost. Agape Pet Services offer a variety of special/decorative urns, please visit their website if you wish to purchase a decorative urn directly through Agape.

Communal cremation – your pet will be cremated with other pets. Their ashes are scattered by the wonderful and trusted staff at Agape Pet Services in a private, peaceful wooded area.

Home burial – Please follow local ordinances if you choose to bury your pet at home

Home Burial Aid

If I would like my pet cremated, who makes the arrangements?

House Call Vet RVA will make all the necessary arrangements for you with the exception of ordering a decorative urn if chosen. Please contact Agape Pet Services or visit their website to place this order.

We arrange and handle all paperwork, transportation after your appointment and coordinate return of your pet’s cremains (for private cremation) to you.

How can I memorialize my pet?
What if my pet passes away at home? How do I arrange for cremation services only?

Please accept our deepest condolences. Below are local crematoriums you may reach out to: