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Throughout this global pandemic, House Call Vet RVA has continued to provide an essential service for pets & pet parents requesting in-home veterinary care. In order to continue to do so, we have adopted the following policies and protocols.

  • As of 11/19/2020, ALL communication must be done through our WEBSITE. Please visit our commonly used forms page to fill out and submit the appropriate form.
  • If you are unsure of which form to choose, please visit our contact page to submit your request or question.
  • Appointment requests, questions, and all other communications will not be answered through email or phone calls.
  • However, requests submitted through the website will be answered in a timely manner. This is a CRITICAL and necessary change in order for us to continue to provide in-home veterinary care.

We understand this is a difficult time for everyone and appreciate your understanding,

Kaitlyn Hemsley, DVM
House Call Vet RVA, PLLC

House Call Vet RVA is an ambulatory facility and does not provide emergency veterinary care, nor is veterinary care offered outside of a scheduled appointment time.

Remembering Your Pet

We would be honored to preserve the memory of your beloved pet on our website.

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Hansel “Doodle”


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“Our beautiful Baby Boy, handsome to the max, lovable to all, will live forever in our hearts and memories. We “will” be together again, find us a good camp spot, Camp Kitty. We can’t wait to see you again.”

-Laura C.

Doodle’s Story

“He was adopted as a baby kitten with his sister, whom we named Gretel. They lived in FL then onto NE. In 2017 Hansel moved to VA to find a new home with his Granny and Grandpappy because he needed a bit more TLC. He was with our family his whole life. He was and always will be a “big part of the hearts” of the family from FL to NE and VA.”

Carolina Grace "Gracie"


Read Gracie's Memorial
“We love and miss Gracie every single day but know that she is free from pain and the confusion of her last month of life. She was our baby, and we will miss her forever!”

-Becky E.

Gracie’s Story

“Gracie was adopted from Pet Smart. Normally I don’t even go into those types of shops because I have a hard time seeing animals in cages and crying for attention. But in we went, and we fell head over heels in love immediately. She was a beautiful kitty, and we soon found out a waiting list for her. That threw me into a panic, and I devised a plan to go to the shelter where she was fixed and beg for her – LOL. We went to the shelter, and she had just been fixed. We told the people working there that we just wanted to check on her because we loved her already and would do ANYTHING to adopt her – even volunteer there for whatever they needed. It must have made a big impression on them because they stated that they had never had someone follow a pet to check up on them after their operation, and they let us hold and visit her that day. I loved her from the moment I saw her. I swore I’d never get another animal because it’s far too painful when we have to let them go, and here I was holding this sweet baby, crying that I had to have her. And then the phone call came a few days later that she was ours. I remember the car ride home – she kept poking her head out of her box carrier, and she was looking around like she was being kidnapped. She was a beautiful, moody, grouchy kitty, but we loved her unconditionally. She enriched our lives in so many ways, and even though it’s been months since she passed, her presence is still very much here – not only with us but with the other fur babies as well. We feel very blessed to have been her people. I know she’s up there bossing all the other fur babies around – LOL”


02/15/2008 – 10/20/2020

Read Ivory's Memorial

“Ivory, my ol’ girl, your paw prints will forever be on my heart. We love and miss you so much. Thanks for all the joy you’ve brought to our lives ❤”

-Eboni M.

Ivory’s Story

“We got Ivory from a pet store out in NY back when we lived there. My son picked her out. We were sooo moved by her vibrant personality and energy. We felt she was begging us to bring her home with all her charm. Ivory loved car rides, posing for pics, and as a pup she loved stealing McDonald’s from the kids. She was such a loyal fur baby ❤”


02/11/2012 – 8/2021

Read Bella's Memorial

“Our girl was not just a family pet, but a huge part of our family. We miss her terribly but also know she is no longer in pain. We love and miss you Bella.”

-Martin Family

Bella’s Story

“Bella was our protector and our huge baby. She would be scared of a wild turkey but if you were out there and one was around, she hid her fear of them and would go after them because she was protecting you from the bird. She loved her toys. She had one as a pup and tore it to pieces, I would throw what was left in the trash, she would go get it, she always played with her new ones but that very first toy was her favorite even if there wasn’t much left of it, no trash can was going to eat her toy.”

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