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Remembering Your Pet

House Call Vet RVA would be honored to preserve the memory of your beloved pet on our website.

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Read Bailey's Memorial

Bailey was the greatest! She was so independent and opinionated as most cats are, but she was also caring and always knew when someone needed a ‘hug’. She will be greatly missed.

  • Deborah B.
Bailey’s Story

I adopted Bailey when she was a kitten. She was the runt of the litter and I was just a college junior looking for a companion. Little did I know we would spend the next 22 years growing up together. I miss my buddy so much!



1/2011 – 3/23/2024

Read Riley's Memorial

Riley joined our young family the summer before we were married. He was a sweet friend to our dog Isis for a few years before she passed. He truly brought out a curious side I’d never seen of Isis – more friendly to other dogs, more willing to try foods she would normally turn away. And then, he was a patient and gentle pal to our kiddos.

We will all miss this sweet boy, but are glad that he is no longer in pain — and we are really grateful for the compassionate care he received at home through House Call Vet RVA. RIP, Riley Roo 🧡🧡 We love you.

  • Paula O
Riley’s Story

Riley came into our life about 12 years ago, as a one-year-old (or so) rescue. We aren’t 100% sure what his life was like before us — tho legend has it that he was found living alone in a silo on some farmland in rural Virginia — but we know he wasn’t given the right care as a young pup. He was malnourished, skittish, and had heart-worm. We were never able to rid him of his food insecurity, leash aggression, effects of abandonment, or anxiety — but we loved him so much for his loyalty, affectionate personality, energy, and his docile nature with our children. Through him, I learned more about the long term impacts of early trauma — all creatures do their best when they are treated well from the start.



3/3/2011 – 3/18/2024

Read Bella's Memorial

Bella was a mother’s day gift to my wife. Forever in our hearts..We miss you so much.


Blossom Dearie


Read Blossom Dearie's Memorial

Rest in peace sweet Blossom darling.

  • Steph & Adam C
Blossom Dearie’s Story

Blossom found us because she knew we needed her. We love jazz music and have always named our pets after jazz musicians. The name Blossom Dearie suited her personality because she was always so sweet and loving.




Read Ernie's Memorial

For 14 years Ernie was the best dog to us. He was loving, sweet, and everyone that got to know him loved him too. We will miss you so much buddy. There’s no one like you 🐕
Have fun in doggy heaven! We know you had fun in here, we tried to give you the best life. I hope we did.
We’ll you on the other side of the rainbow one day. Love you always 💓

Brantley & Josefina Bourne

Ernie’s Story

We adopted Ernie the winter of 2010 from the Hanover Humane Society. He had a brother and they were Bert and Ernie. We loved on both of them for a few weeks and ended up adopting our Ernie. He was the best.




Read Soco's Memorial

Soco, it’s been a year since I lost you and I still miss you every single day. You brought so much joy to my life and were my greatest comfort. You were truly my best friend. Words can’t express how much I love you and will miss you forever.

Kayci McLeod

Soco’s Story

I got Soco as a junior in college. He got me through law school and lived in five different states with me over the course of his life. He loved food of all kinds (kale especially!), “chatting” with me when I came home, his lobster toys, and snuggling with his dog sister, Willow.



03/07/2015 – 09/13/2023

Read Dez's Memorial
“Dez was the biggest gentle giant you would ever want to meet ❤️ he completed our family, and he will be missed!”

-Steve & Tracy G.

Dez’s Story

Dez loved to eat ice cream every night before going to bed with his dad, and he loved a stuffed animal with a squeaker.


Isabella Rose “Bella”

11/25/2010 – 06/26/2023

Read Bella's Memorial

“RIP my sweet girl. You were a constant companion and a source of comfort to me always. I will miss you terribly! 💔🐾 #AllDogsGo2Heaven”

-Tricia H.

Bella’s Story

Bella was born in a pole barn in Chesterfield. We got her at 8 weeks old. She was instantly Mom’s bestie, snuggling up to her hand on night one. She was loyal and good, never chewing up anything that wasn’t hers. She loved peanut butter and chasing squirrels.. although she never caught one or hurt one. They were her friends.



12/28/2010 – 5/4/2023
Read Sophie's Memorial
“Sophie you were the best girl to all of us. You will be missed so much by everyone who ever met you. Rest easy baby. Give cookie kisses from us. We love you.”

-Amy R.

Sophie’s Story

“Sophie was an Anniversary gift to me. She was such a good girl from day 1.”



06/24/2009 – 02/04/2022
Read Zoey's Memorial
“She was my everything her affection was unwavering. When I would leave for work she would go to the door and get under her bed and wait patiently for me to return. When I would open that door Zoey would howl and talk in excitement. She would turn over and get her belly rubbed that is what she loved the most. When I would sit down after a long day she would position herself in between myself and my wife. Zoey was a protective girl but once she knew you she was your best friend and just wanted love.”

– Anita C.

Zoey’s Story

“Zoey came to us from one of my wife’s friends who bred their dachshund but couldn’t sell them all. They couldn’t keep the puppies so my wife called me and asked. I told her after some hesitation yes. Zoey immediately was affectionate and came to be a rock in our family. We will forever miss her.”


07/1/2003 – 12/19/2021

Read Kiwi's Memorial

“We adopted Kiwi in 2020 after her original owner had passed and the family couldn’t house her and her “brother” any longer. Kiwi was an old, but loving kitty. We could tell that she had been well cared and was a lap cat as she was not as active as she probably once was. She was very independent and didn’t take crap from her other housemates. She had a great memory and always reminded us of her food starting an hour before dinner time. We will love and cherish our short time with her.”

– James C.

Kiwi’s Story

“We didn’t plan to adopt a senior cat in 2020, but when we heard their story, we couldn’t say “no.” We got a little over a year’s worth of time with her before we had to let her go back to her original mom who passed a couple of years ago. Just a reminder that all pets need love and compassion for the full extent of their lives, no matter how long that may be.”

Hansel “Doodle”





Read Shelton's Memorial
“My Lil Jewell of a man… are always in my ❤️….YOU are so missed, Shelton!”

  • Rebecca C.
Shelton’s Story

Shelton was picked up in Whitesburg, KY, at 5 weeks of age and has been Mama’s boy from day one! He loved playing fetch as much as a Labrador Retriever. As he aged, things became difficult for him to keep up with me so he would lay on my feet to keep me in one spot. Such a happy boy to eat whatever anyone was eating and to go on walks. Shelton was named after my grandfather because when I picked him up, he looked like a little old man with a wrinkled face.




Read Ernie's Memorial

Ernie was a love bug, he loved to snuggle up with you. His favorite toy in the world was a balled up paper towel, forget the high dollar toys…he would chase a balled up paper towel all day long. Run free Ernie, bat all the balled up paper towels you can! Until we see you again little buddy!

Tracey & Jonathan Burleson

Ernie’s Story

Bert & Ernie showed up on our doorstep as kittens..We had an existing group of outdoor kitties that we fed daily. One morning during the normal routine of feeding the outside kitties, up pop two little gray faces from our bushes. Our intention was to foster them and find them homes, but once we brought them in it was too late, we knew they were ours.




Read Bailey's Memorial

“Bailey you were a best friend to us all. You were the calm to our day, protector, best listener and secret keeper! You gave the best hugs and the cutest smile! We have so many memories and stories and you will live in forever in our hearts! We know you are running wild now big boy! We love you!”

– Jenna L.

Bailey’s Story

We adopted Bailey from Sanctuary Rescue and the foster family named him Bailey so we kept his name. He loved all food especially pepperoni and Cheetos. Loved chasing squirrels and rabbits.



2008 – 5/16/2022
Read Maggie's Memorial

“Our sweet little Maggie loved to cuddle inside a blanket like a little burrito. She loved her daily chicken snacks and could be quite demanding when it was time for one. She loved sitting out in the sun and sniffing the grass in our backyard. One of her favorite things to do was walking along the woodland trail behind our house with the other dogs. We miss her terribly..”

– Joe C.

Maggie’s Story

“Maggie was a rescue. I believe she came to us with her name.”


01/19/2010 – 03/12/2023

Read Libbie's Memorial

“Libbie DNA tested as 100% Australian Cattle Dog, but she never herded a thing in her life! She was much more content to hang out with ‘her mama’, curl up on a comfy bed or scope out a sock to carry around. She was a beautiful dog. Everywhere we traveled, people would comment that she was such a beautiful dog. I miss her sweet face. I miss her greeting me at the door with a toy in her mouth to welcome me home. I miss taking care of her as her health began to decline. I’m so glad she ‘crossed the bridge’ in the loving comfort of her home. She’ll always be in my heart.”

  • Sherrye W.
Libbie’s Story

Libbie was picked up as a stray by Richmond Animal Care & Control (RACC) at the intersection of Libbie & Broad Streets. After losing my first Australian Cattle Dog, I wanted to save another ACD. ACDs are a rarity in local shelters and Libbie came along just as I started looking at ACD rescue sites. Libbie was just meant to be “my girl”. Libbie was not a very confident dog, so I rest easier knowing my first Cattle Dog is looking after her now.


10/11/2009 – 5/27/2022

Read Daisy's Memorial
“Daisy was a beloved family member. She loved fun, good food and being with us. She’ll be missed and will always be in our hearts. She brought us such love. What a precious gift she was.”

  • Gary and Pam Carpenter
Daisy’s Story

We got her as a puppy from a breeder here in Virginia. She always loved fun, walks, good food and being together.


03/15/2009 – 1/10/2022
Read Hotrod's Memorial

“He was my ride or die, partner. He loved chasing squirrels with his brother and catching popcorn in the air. Loved taking his brother’s new toys. Always made me smile when got home in the morning after a long shift.”

– Keith K.

Hotrod’s Story

“He started out as my daughter’s dog, and grandpa took over and wouldn’t let him leave. Hotrod was the perfect name for him. He was like a cat when it came to getting on top of everything, and he was fast.”

Read Doodle's Memorial

“Our beautiful Baby Boy, handsome to the max, lovable to all, will live forever in our hearts and memories. We “will” be together again, find us a good camp spot, Camp Kitty. We can’t wait to see you again.”

-Laura C.

Doodle’s Story

“He was adopted as a baby kitten with his sister, whom we named Gretel. They lived in FL then onto NE. In 2017 Hansel moved to VA to find a new home with his Granny and Grandpappy because he needed a bit more TLC. He was with our family his whole life. He was and always will be a “big part of the hearts” of the family from FL to NE and VA.”


8/2/2006 – 2/18/2022
Read Bentley's Memorial
“If you have the chance to adopt a senior dog, do it. I wish dogs could live forever. And if he could have lived on love I know he would have lived forever.”

  • Emma K
Bentley’s Story

If you have the chance to adopt a senior dog, do it. I adopted Bentley after graduating college when he was already in his golden years. There was something about his sweet face in the adoption picture. They thought was he was abused previously. I named him Bentley after the car I would never own. I thought he would only be around for a few months. Even the 5 years 6 months and 16 days wasn’t enough time. It’s never enough time, is it? Bentley was the perfect dog for me. Much like me, set in his ways and liking routine. Senior dogs truly are the best because they still have so much love left to give. Sleeping all day and all night. Being woken up to get taken out and for breakfast and dinner and his favorite treat- peanut butter. It really is the best life. The only thing better is getting tucked in with a full belly and your favorite soft blanket.

There were times I was really depressed or having a really hard time. Bentley was always there. No, his stubby tail didn’t wag but he was there, and his existence was enough.

We’ve lived in Virginia, Vermont and South Carolina.

Bentley went to so many states- Vermont, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. I’d say he was well traveled. He even went to the beach and met a pig (just not in the same day).

We flew on many planes together back and forth between Vermont and Virginia.

He loved going for little walks and could usually find his way home, sometimes with a little help and sometimes needing to be carried.

Bentley went on so many adventures, moved and lived in 4 different apartments. My entire, true adult life has been with him. It’s so hard to imagine my life without him.

I wish dogs could live forever. And if he could live on love I know he would have lived forever.


02/11/2012 – 8/2021

Read Bella's Memorial

“Our girl was not just a family pet, but a huge part of our family. We miss her terribly but also know she is no longer in pain. We love and miss you Bella.”

-Martin Family

Bella’s Story

“Bella was our protector and our huge baby. She would be scared of a wild turkey but if you were out there and one was around, she hid her fear of them and would go after them because she was protecting you from the bird. She loved her toys. She had one as a pup and tore it to pieces, I would throw what was left in the trash, she would go get it, she always played with her new ones but that very first toy was her favorite even if there wasn’t much left of it, no trash can was going to eat her toy.”


02/15/2008 – 10/20/2020

Read Ivory's Memorial

“Ivory, my ol’ girl, your paw prints will forever be on my heart. We love and miss you so much. Thanks for all the joy you’ve brought to our lives ❤”

-Eboni M.

Ivory’s Story

“We got Ivory from a pet store out in NY back when we lived there. My son picked her out. We were sooo moved by her vibrant personality and energy. We felt she was begging us to bring her home with all her charm. Ivory loved car rides, posing for pics, and as a pup she loved stealing McDonald’s from the kids. She was such a loyal fur baby ❤”

Carolina Grace "Gracie"


Read Gracie's Memorial
“We love and miss Gracie every single day but know that she is free from pain and the confusion of her last month of life. She was our baby, and we will miss her forever!”

-Becky E.

Gracie’s Story

“Gracie was adopted from Pet Smart. Normally I don’t even go into those types of shops because I have a hard time seeing animals in cages and crying for attention. But in we went, and we fell head over heels in love immediately. She was a beautiful kitty, and we soon found out a waiting list for her. That threw me into a panic, and I devised a plan to go to the shelter where she was fixed and beg for her – LOL. We went to the shelter, and she had just been fixed. We told the people working there that we just wanted to check on her because we loved her already and would do ANYTHING to adopt her – even volunteer there for whatever they needed. It must have made a big impression on them because they stated that they had never had someone follow a pet to check up on them after their operation, and they let us hold and visit her that day. I loved her from the moment I saw her. I swore I’d never get another animal because it’s far too painful when we have to let them go, and here I was holding this sweet baby, crying that I had to have her. And then the phone call came a few days later that she was ours. I remember the car ride home – she kept poking her head out of her box carrier, and she was looking around like she was being kidnapped. She was a beautiful, moody, grouchy kitty, but we loved her unconditionally. She enriched our lives in so many ways, and even though it’s been months since she passed, her presence is still very much here – not only with us but with the other fur babies as well. We feel very blessed to have been her people. I know she’s up there bossing all the other fur babies around – LOL”



06/01/2005 – 12/19/2021

Read Shadow's Memorial

In loving memory of my beloved lab mix, Shadow. You stole my pizza and my heart.. you were a rescue, but you rescued me. I love you

– Jamie S.

Shadow’s Story

My old and very special friend Zack, in high school, rescued Shadow from a Chesterfield pound in our sophomore year. He named him shadow because this sweet puppy followed him around everywhere. Zack taught Shadow to hug and cuddle from a young age. When Zack wasn’t able to keep shadow, my mom and I adopted him with, ofcourse, visitation. While Zack was in the military, he passed away in an accident and our baby Shadow became a little piece of our dear friend.

Shadow loved food and snuggles, he was so gentle with other animals and was an amazing playmate. One of the funniest/ cutest memories was in pocahontas park and Shadow decided to jump into the water and then realized he didn’t like swimming/ didn’t know how to swim. He was so fearless and while pulling him out of the water was crazy hard, he immediately was wagging his tail and jumping around.

He had the best smile. I miss you Shadow (Chateau) Dijon”

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